Footprints Conservation Society is continuously putting together educational programs for children to further the awareness of environmental issues. Our programs are designed as fun, interactive lessons that provide children with information and support to make educated choices about how they affect their environment and provide them with the tools to create a healthier lifestyle for themselves and future generations.

Footprints Conservation Society has developed the following workshop that is designed to run approximately 45 minutes long and can be costumed to teacher/student preference.

Workshop 1: "How Big Is My Foot?!"


Gigantic Feet!Our educational workshop, “How Big Is My Foot?!” motivates children ages 6 - 12 to understand the power they have to make a positive change in the world. Students will understand our society’s dependence on Earth’s natural resources and have an understanding of the concepts of “sustainable living” and ways to reduce their Ecological Footprint. Certified as “Earth Heroes” by the end of our workshop, children will learn about the importance of eating whole, nutritious food, reducing carbon emissions, conserving our natural resources, re-using and recycling and will further appreciate our connection to the Earth and our environment.

Workshop Outline

Our workshop involves the use of an interactive slide show presentation as well incorporating activities such as word searches and matching puzzle games that promote a fun and cooperative learning experience.

  1. What Is My “Environmental Footprint”?
    • Slideshow Presentation
  2. Lets Consider Our Impact on the Earth – How Do We Affect The Planet?
    • Defining & Identifying terms such as “Energy” and “Natural Resources”
  3. Brainstorming Session – What are some ways we can reduce our Footprint?
    • What is garbage? Why is it important to recycle?
  4. Taking The Pledge - Certificate Session
    • What are 3 things you can do to make a difference?

Workshops are offered to schools by donation. Please Contact Us if you would like to know more about our workshops.

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