Sustainable Garden Project

Sustainable Garden Project

Footprints Conservation Society's Sustainable Garden Project is designed to create a hands-on educational opportunity that introduces students to the origins of food, plant life cycles, community values, and the pleasures of working in a garden. By converting a portion of an underused schoolyard into a food and plant garden, we will be improving the life of the children at the school as well as increasing the involvement and joy of surrounding community members. Our mission is to connect students with their environment and local food systems while creating a healthy, positive community experience for everyone involved.

Why create a schoolyard garden?
  • Encourages the "100-Mile Diet"
  • Teaches self-reliance and organic practices
  • Provides a unique training and educational opportunity to children and youth in the community
  • Encourages community interaction and positive development
  • Creates a hands-on learning experience

Is your school interested in having a food and plant garden? We’d love to hear from you! Please email [email protected]

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