10 Things You Can Do Now

  1. Support Local Food & Product
    Buy Local Food

    The best way to consume food is from organic, local farmers. Here is a list of Farmer’s Markets in the Vancouver area: View PDF

  2. Use www.epost.ca

    Have your bills emailed to you instead of receiving paper in the mail! Also, set up online banking to pay your bills online.

  3. Spend Time in Nature.

    Currently, most of our corporate world sees “value” in nature only according to human interests, wants and needs … in other words – Money. For instance, Coal and Copper were not seen as being resources until humans recognized how they could be used. A view that is growing with a new generation of people is that all of nature holds value independent of human needs. Take 20 minutes a day to relax in nature. Whether you go for a walk in the woods, relax by the ocean or take in the trees in your backyard, the beauty of nature always has magic and inspiration to offer.

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