10 Things You Can Do Now

  1. Use Less Heat and Air Conditioning

    Heating our homes in the winter and cooling them during the summer months takes a great deal of energy, which is quite hard on the environment and also costs a fortune! Reducing our dependency on heat and air conditioning is actually quite easy – it just takes a little planning! Here are some things you can do:

    • Add insulation to your walls and attic. Not only does will it save you tons of money over the years that you would have spent on heating and cooling your home – it also increases the value of your home!
    • Use reflective shades on your windows. The shade will reflect the sun and keep your house cooler in the summer months
    • Dress for the weather! Instead of turning on the fireplace, put on a sweater or use a blanket to keep yourself warm.
    • Install weather stripping to the doors and windows of your house to help maintain temperature
  2. Drive Less!
    Ride Your Bike

    Climate change, to a GREAT extent is caused by society’s passion for the automobile. Commercials, car toys, songs and movies have influenced our society into being largely dependent on automobiles for convenience and social status. Automobiles, which once were considered to be a luxury, are now found in even the poorest of countries. Reducing our dependence on the automobile would make a substantial environmental improvement and improve our overall quality of life! Not to mention what you’ll save on purchasing gas.

    Here are some ways to reduce your use of fossil fuels:

    • Walk, walk, walk! For years we were able to function without automobiles. In our busy society we understand that it is not always possible … but when you can take a walk instead of driving your car. Not only will improve your impact on the environment – but also improve your quality of life! Try walking to the local grocery store a couple times a week instead of driving.
    • Cycle, Car Pool and use Public Transportation when possible
    • If you have to drive, make sure that you maintain a correct tire pressure and reduce your idling time to no more than 30 seconds (unless your in traffic)
    • Service your vehicles regularly to keep your emission control systems operating at their highest level
    • Make sure that you’re not carrying around extra weight in your car. Haven’t cleared out that backseat or trunk in awhile? Emptying out extra weight will help reduce your fuel emissions
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