10 Things You Can Do Now

  1. Stop Using Plastic!
    Don't Use Plastic

    Together we can end this over-pollution of plastic. The use of plastic started in the last 100 years. For years humans survived without plastic – we can do it again! Scientists are predicting that it can take up to 1000 years for a plastic bag to decompose, causing harm to wildlife, oceans, humans, and the environment. Plastic pollution causes harm to everyone and everything. Let’s end it together.

    • Purchase a re-usable bottle for your water and other drinks. This can be as simple as saving the water bottle you used yesterday!
    • Bring your re-usable shopping bags to the grocery store. You can purchase cloth bags or re-use the plastic bags you have at home. Also, when buying fruits and vegetables be careful of using plastic bags – conserve where you can! Maybe that avocado doesn’t need to go in a plastic bag …
    • Recycle any plastic bottles and bags you have in your home – keep these out of the landfills!
  2. Recycle

    Recycle everything you can. Remember that the best thing to do is to donate or re-use items, but recycling is the next best option. Check out your municipality’s website to see which plastic types you can recycle.

    Typically in the Greater Vancouver Regional District the following are accepted:

    • Plastic Shopping Bags
    • Shrink Wrap
    • Bottle Caps
    • Yogurt Containers
    • Transparent Candy Wrapping
    • Containers for Toiletries
    • Paper (Don’t forget to recycle envelopes with clear windows, pizza boxes and the tubes inside paper rolls!!)
    • Glass Jars
    • Metal Cans
    • Shampoo Bottles
    • Coffee Cups
    • Egg Cartons
    • Meat Trays
    • Disposable Utensils
    • Drinking Straws
    • Ketchup/Mayonnaise/Mustard/Etc Bottles
    • Plastic Packaging on Electronics
    • Food Scraps (Uncooked Fruit/Vegetable Scraps, Coffee Grounds/Filters, Teabags, Eggshells)

    Harmful materials like chemicals, batteries, electronics, etc. should be taken to local hazardous waste depots or recyclers.

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