What's Up with this "Climate Change" thing?

Climate Change is the change that is happening in our weather patterns because there is an increase in the Earth’s average temperature. This has been talked about a lot lately and is also called “Global Warming”.

Earth Is Heating Up


Unfortunately, “Global Warming” does not mean that we will all have wonderful, warm sunny weather …

Global Warming means that our weather is becoming unpredictable and dangerously stormy at times.

We are seeing more and more damage being done to our planet as a result of this climate change – including Wildfires, Flooding, Hurricanes, Tsunamis and the list goes on ... Bad Weather

These changes in our climate are not only hard on people but also very hard on plants, trees and animals!

Even small shifts in the temperature of the Earth upset the balance of the world we live in.

For example, the increase in temperature is melting ice and hurting the Polar Bear population.

Polar Bears give birth and hunt on ice and they need it to rest on between travels from one place to another. Because of the increase in the Earth’s temperature, the ice they depend on is melting fast. Polar BearThere is so much ice melting that scientists are considering having to add Polar Bears to the list of endangered species.

Dating back YEARS and YEARS our planet has seen many shifts in temperature – including the ICE AGE… so what’s the big deal now?

The difference is that the climate is changing MUCH faster than ever before. Climate changes in the past have happened slowly … allowing plants and animals time to settle in to a new temperature or move somewhere else.

There are many scientists that are saying that if we don’t make changes NOW we will harm our beautiful planet EARTH beyond repair …

There are also many people who doubt that human beings are actually affecting the change in temperature on the planet.

So what do we do?

Let’s look at it this way – Have you ever heard the saying, “Better Safe Than Sorry”?

How about we listen to the scientists who are warning us about the dangerous affects of climate change on our planet? Let’s make the changes that they suggest and be SAFE rather than SORRY and protect the future of our planet for ourselves and the other animals and plants that depend on it.

If the scientists happen to be wrong about the dangerous affects of climate change … well then they’re wrong … but in the meantime we’ve made some positive changes to our lifestyles and caused no harm to ourselves or our planet in doing so!

Helping to stop climate change doesn’t mean you have to change everything you do!

Here are some THINGS YOU CAN DO to help out our amazing planet!

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