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Sustainable Garden Project

FCS is pleased to present our sustainable garden project! Over the next year, we will be putting food and plant gardens in schools across Greater Vancouver. For more information, click here.

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About FCS


Footprints Conservation Society is a Greater Vancouver based charitable organization dedicated to inspiring, educating and encouraging children to make choices that result in a healthy, happy life for themselves and our planet. We provide well rounded, captivating programs for children that include workshops, guest speakers, fieldtrips, community projects and environmental education packets...

Kidz Zone

Kidz Zone

Hey Kids! Come check out the Footprints Kidz Zone! There's loads of fun stuff for you to see and do! Be sure to swing by contests & events, play envirogames, and learn how you can help save planet Earth! Also, find out how you can become an Earth Hero!  It will be us children who will be here on this planet in 80-90 years! Let’s take care of it!

Help Us Grow

Help Us Grow

Thank you for your interest in donating to Footprints Conservation Society. Your support is what drives us to continue our efforts to educate children about conservation efforts. Your donation allows us to maintain our current education programs, expand our reach and provide children, teachers and families with tools to reduce their Environmental Footprint...

10 Things You Can Do Now

We depend on the Earth so we better start taking care of it. Every day we are given the option to make positive change for the future of our planet. Don’t ever let someone tell you that one person can’t make a difference! The truth is that for centuries it has always been the action of one person that inspires the action of many. Be a leader in your community and do what you can to reduce the misuse and overuse of our natural resources.

Tip #1: Conserve Your Water

Something as simple as turning off the water while your brushing your teeth can make a huge difference for the planet. Here are some water saving tips:... 

Our Services

Green Education


Footprints Conservation Society is continuously putting together educational programs for children to further the awareness of environmental issues. Our programs are designed as fun, interactive lessons that provide children with information and support to make educated choices about how they affect their environment. Certified as "Earth Heroes" by the end of our program, we provide them with the tools to create a healthier, happier lifestyle for themselves and future generations ...



Footprints Conservation Society offers quarterly workshops for children, youth and adults to further their education. Workshops cover a wide array of subject matter from educating the community about selecting, planning, and implementing their own community projects, planning and planting a garden, healthy eating practices, candle-making, and many other courses designed to improve quality of life... 


Community Projects

Community projects are an integral part of our program. Footprints Conservation Society funds projects selected within the lower mainland that meet local needs while promoting youth leadership and creating opportunities for communities to come together... 

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